Massage, Body & Holistic Treatments

Full Body Massage 60 mins £40

Experience real indulgence, a full body 60-minute massage to help release tension and tightness from all over. It will relieve muscle stiffness, aches and pains leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free, total relaxation for the body and the mind.

Back, Neck and Shoulder 30 mins £28

Release tension, relax and unwind with a 30-minute massage designed to de-stress and remove tension from the back neck and shoulder area. Benefits to this massage also improved circulation and the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormone endorphins to leave you feeling truly relaxed.

Full Body, Face & Scalp 75 mins. £48

All of the indulgence of a full body massage but with the added luxury of a face and scalp massage for the complete head to toe relaxation.

Shoulder, Face & Scalp 25 mins. £25

Short on time this express massage treatment will give you a little boost and relieve those tense shoulders whilst calming the head – A good stress reliever.

Foot & Leg 25 mins. £25

If you spend long periods on your feet this is an ideal treatment to soothe and relax those tired legs and feet. Complete re-boost.

Add on Back Exfoliation £10

Add on Scalp Massage £5

Add on Face Massage £5

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